Custom Solutions

Serving all of Florida, the Caribbean, and Central & South America since 1980!

Custom enclosures, machine frames, and guarding:
In addition to our distribution services, we also provide pneumatic enclosures for the animation as well as the automation industries. Enclosures can be designed to be especially quiet, if required, while providing for ease of installation and maintenance. We also offer custom panels that mount directly on our customers' equipment, eliminating the need for additional assembly time and associated training.

Having the “Best in Class” product lines allows us to design custom products to fit our customers’ needs. As an example, our machining capability from 80/20 combined with our robots from IAI and our vision systems from Cognex allow us to build very cost effective robotic work cells.

We invite you to call 800-432-5933 and talk to our experienced people. Our sales team averages 10 - 15 years of experience with our product lines. We will be happy to come to your facility and discuss custom design solutions with you.

Custom Solution

HPE value added department works with our customers on a large variety of projects. These are a few examples of these projects.

Custom Solution

Custom Solution