IAI - SCARA Robots

MSCON 6-axis ControllerSuper-Large SCARA Robot IX-1000/1200

The latest addition to our offerings is the super-large SCARA series boasting an arm length of 1200 mm and payload of 50 kg, both of which are the largest among all our SCARA robots.

ix-high-speed1IX High-Speed SCARA

The new IX High-speed SCARA has been improved to achieve higher speeds and reduced cycle times. The easy to program SCARA is offered in a wide variety of sizes and mounting options.

zr-s_m1ZR-S / M High Speed Vertical/Rotation Axis Unit

The ZR Unit offers high-speed vertical and rotation motion; the perfect addition to a 2-axis system. Available in two sizes to suit your application.

ix-high-speedIX-NNN / NNC Ultra Compact / Cleanroom SCARA Robot

A Palm-Sized unit capable of driving a maximum payload of 1kg. New models of 180-mm arm length and cleanroom specification were added to the lineup, further extending the utility and applications of the IX-NNN / NNC series.

ix-comprehensiveIX SCARA Series Catalog

The IX Series achieves the best-in-class from high-speed performance and load capacity to positioning repeatability. The IX is also known for its user-friendliness, lineup, and cost performance.

ix-high-speedIX-120 / 150 Ultra Compact SCARA Brochure

The IX-120 / 150 is an Ultra Compact unit capable of driving a maximum payload of 1 kg. It has a maximum work envelope of 300 mm in a small installation space of 47 mm wide and 132 mm deep, enabling significant size reduction of your production line.